About us

Company Profile

Ventaleon was established in 2012 as a pulmonary drug development company which specializes in the development of novel antiviral agents applied via inhalation.

  • Basic research of inventors since the beginning of the 21st century
  • 2005 acquisition of patents by Activaero
  • 2006 – 2008 Activaero received out of the funding programm Pro Inno II a public funding for medium sized enterprises
  • Co-operation with Pharmaceutical Company --> Phase 1
  • Phase 2 POC from 2012 by Ventaleon
  • Planned Ph. 2b/3 on the way to market approval
  • Working together with GS BIO INHALATION GmbH a consultancy company in the field of pulmonary drug delivery, aerosol medicine and inhalation products (www.bio-inhalation.com)